1. You need someone who knows Walmart
    Our team members have an average of 15 years of experience working with Walmart, Sam’s Club, and suppliers. Our clients hire us for the expertise we gained from our experience as buyers and because we understand the challenges that suppliers face today.

  2.  You need someone who “gets” and loves retail data
    They say that retail is detail. Tired of running reports or no time to learn? We’re experts at building queries and analyzing reports that turn your own POS data into meaningful action, whether it’s to make more efficient use of your inventory, drive sales, or to sell in new items.  

  3. You need someone who anticipates problems
    In addition to finding solutions to our clients’ current issues, we proactively monitor the business to anticipate any potential issues. We look at the situation from the retailer’s perspective so that utilized strategies meet the needs of the buyers, thus making your business a better partner for that retailer. And, if you “don’t know what you don’t know” about Walmart, we’re here to help.  

  4. You need someone who is a change agent
    Some suppliers may not know “the Walmart way” of doing business. We provide guidance to our clients on best practices for working with buyers and replenishment managers. And, when we see an opportunity to grow your business, we’ll work with you to develop a compelling sales strategy and follow through with you all the way to store execution. Once that’s achieved, we’ll help measure results.  

  5. You need someone who is great working with Walmart beginners
    We take on clients who are brand new to working with Walmart. We’ll help step you through the process of your first line review as well as help make sense of your day-to-day business and the requirements of the Walmart team.  What’s more: we get excited about new items and like to work with passionate entrepreneurs, whether you’re new to working with Walmart or not.  

  6. You need someone with a fresh perspective about your business
    Our clients are suppliers from a wide range of industries and benefit from our interaction with a broad number of Walmart associates. We use our knowledge and experiences to provide objective viewpoints to the supplier based on customer demand, Walmart goals, and our clients’ goals.  

  7. You need someone who can serve as an extension to your team
    We provide the support needed on Walmart accounts through collaboration with our clients. We work closely with our clients’ team ranging from sales and marketing, to finance. Get what you need to grow your business without having to hire employees, train them, or pay benefits.  

  8. You need someone who can teach you with skill and patience
    In the beginning, a client may just want us to fix the issue or fill the gap, and we can certainly do that. However, we want our clients to be successful in the long run and we help develop the team so that they too can speak “Walmartian” to better communicate with and anticipate the needs of the buying team.
  9. You need someone who can work at the speed of retail
    Walmart and its shoppers are constantly changing, and we’re a nimble organization that helps our clients stay ahead of the change. We continuously find inspiration for new ideas when we walk the stores, search for trends online, and attend Walmart meetings!

  10. You need someone who is a resource network
    Need financing for a purchase order, to get customer data on a limited budget, or help with fulfillment? We have an extended network of contacts that can provide solutions to all of your retail needs.